Hi everyone!


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Hi folks!

What can I tell you about myself? Well, I'm 19, love the outdoors, love hiking and camping etc. I am extremely interested in Deer hunting, so thought I would join this site to read through as much information as possible, and also get to know a few like minded individuals out there. I'm mainly looking for an opportunity to observe somebody hunting a Deer, just so I can get a feel for what it is like. I enjoy stalking wild Red Deer that live in the Peak District, that is always fun as it is quite a challenge in the coniferous forest. Only thing I have shot them with so far is a camera though, haha. Still, it's a lot of fun, especially trying to creep up on stags during the rut. So, if anybody in the UK wouldn't mind me tagging along to observe a hunt, if you wouldn't mind, feel free to private message me.

Thanks everyone

​Alex Northey