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I am relatively new to stalking having been introduced to it 18 months ago. I retired from my software business 7 years ago since then I have found the time to take up trout fishing again and also get back into shooting. I used to shoot pigeons and rabbits 25 years ago as that was all I could afford. I am now fortunate to have the means and the time to be a member of a pheasant syndicate as well as to take up stalking. Stalking has become a passion and I have now shot 11 Roe, a Red hind, a fox and on a trip to SA in March I added 3 warthogs, a Blue Wildebeest, 3 Duiker, an Eland, a Stallion Zebra, a Black Springbuck and a White Blesbuck.

I shoot with a Blaser R8 Professional rifle in .243 and 30.06 calibre with sound moderators with a Swarovski Z6i 2.5-15 x 56 scope.

i am a DSC Level 1 and registered for level 2
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Graeme, welcome to the site, my passion is now 30 years old and still as strong, hope you enjoyed S.A. as that can become addictive, came back from my fourth hunt three weeks ago, and will return next year as I have found a good company at good rates for cull hunting. Once you've taken your trophies you'll want to carry on hunting and cull hunts allow you to do that, hunt a specific animal from a herd. Enjoy the site deerwarden. :tiphat: