Hi from Lincolnshire


Hi All,

I am a bit of a newbie to the shooting scene, although I used to go rabbiting with my air rifle as a youth.

I have only acquired my FAC in the last 12 months, but have been a member of a couple of target clubs for 3 years.

The cabinet currently houses 3 x .22 rim fire target rifles and a .308 Howa - limited to range use only on my ticket. But I do have a slot for a .223 for use on the 6500 acres I have permission on.

Looking to try and attend a basic DSC for beginners to see how it goes.


Thank you for the warm welcome guys.

I see there are a couiple of fellow Yella-Bellies on here - any suggestions for somewhere local that I could attend a DSC for newbies?


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Hi sumb,

I can't recommend anywhere local. They do run courses in Yorkshire. I went down to Baldock which, from North of Lincoln, only took 1Hr 30Mins. Not sure when they are running the next one but get in touch with Pierred on here.