Hi from N E Scotland

New Avon Arms


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Just joined up as the site looks good, lots of sensible input, its a poor day if you can't learn something new or get a different slant on somethingyou thought you knew about.

I've been shooting for 40 years or so and deer for almost 30.

Roughshooting and wildfowling with 20's 12's and 4's and rimfire .22

Started shooting deer with a .243 and now have a .308 and a 22-250. I reload almost all cartridges. Its not cheaper, you just shoot more and tend to have a greater intrest in what what can be done with a specific rifle /cartridge combination. Mainly Roe with the odd foray to Finland for european elk (moose) with 9.3x62 and capercaillie and blackgame with a

I have started using GS Custom Bullets (South African Company) in the .308 as I wish to avoid eating any more lead. Downside is the price but the upside, apart from lead free meat, is, for me, the increased accuracy. They have a good website with a lot of interesting info and a good piece on terimnal ballastics.

I'm on the lookout for a new dog. Used to work spaniels, now work an aging lab who is on her last legs and probably has two months or so to go. She was trained on game and will track and find deer but will then lose intrest as she can't retrieve it and will start to hunt other game. Intrested in any suggestions anyone will have.




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Welcome on board. I've only recently joined but it is a good site and I've certainly learned stuff already.

Re: the dog, check out the "Deer Dogs" section in the Forums. Personally I'd have a GWP, but my wife won't let me get another dog as we already have three - two labs and a cocker. The labs are great all-rounders, the cocker is a great something....I just can't figure out what!

Up in your neck of the woods in a couple of weeks time after the stags and salmon - I can't wait. It's a glorious part of the world.



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Hi Bob,
Welcome hope you enjoy the site its very good from all aspects,
Like willie Gunn, Up your way passed inverness mid to late Oct with some of the guys of the site.

Take care and look forward to reading your posts. :lol:



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Hi willie-gunn, smityy and steve

Thanks for the welcome guys.

I can't argue with you Willie. The problem in this location is trying to find time to do justice to all the various aspects of field sports. It's a hard job but someone has to do it and I try to do what I can. Interested to hear how you get on.

Smithy, Inverness is aprox 2 hours to north west from me however I am heading to Arran around that time to look for hinds so we may pass on the road. Its a busy time as its also prime goose time in my area and I may have a Finnish trip at that time as well.

Fit like Steve, I'll pm you with a telephone number I'm about halfway between A'deen & the blue toon, not sure I know were your shop is but no doubt you'll let me know and I can pay a visit to the shop.



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Hello bob and welcome to the site. What with all these Northern residents we shall have to think about some sort of get together later in the year.