Hi from North Somerset


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Hi, I'm Mike, from North Somerset.

I got into stalking whilst living in Slovakia (a hell of a lot of deer and boar out there... and an equally high number of high seats!), came from a shotgunning background though. Now I shoot a .270 in addition to my 12g.

Moved back home to the West Country fairly recently - doing my DSC1 later on this year - very happy with roe, red and fallow id, behaviour etc. from shooting in the East (have my Slovak hunting licence), but all this stuff about CWD, muntjac and sika is too much for me! At least the shooting and gralloching remains the same!

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Blackdown Hills, East Devon & West Somerset, been a bit of a slow start on the bucks but picking up now, Roe in general are holding there own despite increased stalking, & poaching pressures, atb W.S.