Hi from the Welsh Borders

Hello All,

Been browsing the good stuff stalking directory for a while and never got round to joining and now its raining so I've got a moment...

Im a farmer near the Cheshire/Wales border. When I have time I always dive straight for the gun cabinet. I am really lucky to have bits of stalking all over mainly on farms in the West country and West Midlands with bits in mid Wales, West Highlands and Essex. Have held DSC 1 for 7 years, but every day is still a school day. I use a Styer Pro-Mountain/ Zeiss Classic Diavari combo with T8 mod. Also do the usual farm pest control jobs from rats with the .410 and terrier, rabbits with the trusty bruno .22, and pigeons, crows etc with my old side by side. In the market for a .223 at the moment so any advice appreciated.



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Hi Charlie

I live to the south of you near Oswestry. Not too far.
I've got a .223 Sako 75. Awesome bit of kit. Had it for about 5/6 years now and cant say anything bad about it. I use it mainly for lamping foxes and it's GREAT, not too heavy to be slogging it around all night long and not too light to be jumping around every time you squeeze the trigger.

All the best.



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Welcome to this site where we all learn some useful tips, benefit from others' experiences and advice, buy and sell good kit and make new friends. Cheers, K