Hi from West Berks o/


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Morning all,

Brief intro per the rules; been shooting air guns for years, started doing some pest control earlier this year which led to me obtaining a few permissions and subsequently applying for my FAC at the beginning of August. As its TVP I'm assuming that wont be forthcoming for another 6 months or so yet though :(

Have just started getting into stalking. Been reading the DSC1 BDS material and pretty confident about the non-practical stuff, now need some experience in the field so any of that will mean anything. Didn't apply for a deer-calibre originally but hoping to add a 243 when FEO visits for paid stalking/DSC stuff, also have Roe and Muntjac on a couple of permissions.

Anyway, hi from me. Have been mooching about the forum for a while before registering. Looking forward to hopefully soak up some useful stuff and conversing with somewhat like-minded peeps...