hi im new

fly tyer

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hi everyone im new
and my main interests are fishing and shooting
i have watched this forum for a while and have decided to join
i have recently done my dcs 1 with eskdale wildlife and and anm regestered for my level two.

That's a big place ;)

Lucky you! I'm down South but head up to Sutherland each year for a week stalking and fishing. I've posted a story about this year's stalk in the 'Articles' section, where you'll also find a number of other member's stories from trips North this year.

Good to have you on board!



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Fly tyer
Welcome on board , I think the Tying bench will take a rest as you get more hooked !! :lol: on Stalking . My tying box hasnt been out for a good while now, Then there is reloading etc etc . I thought fishing was a passion!! (it still is ) but finding time is my problem .
There is alot of knowledge here on this site.
Again Welcome,
regards Trapper

fly tyer

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the fly tying bench will always have its place besause decent flys these days are that expensive! does anybody else tie there own flies


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welcome to the site tyer,i used to tie alot of my own trout flies but dont get the time now,i was in the shed yesterday and spotted all my stuff sat on the shelf,i will never get rid of it.i will find the time one day :D
Fly tyer

Like tika.308, I've still got all my fly tying kit but rarely get round to it these days. Before all the security on flying I used to take a travelling tying vise with me and tie flies in the airport lounge and on longer flights. Last time I used it was in June in Slovenia, fishing for trout & grayling.