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Hi all

joined today as I was looking for a left hand 243 and my search found my way here. I have been recently asked to cover some Deer managment in a small local wood that is being coppiced regularly and is now suffering from extensive browsing by Muntjac and Roe deer. However "Sods law" intervened, I was asked about this just after I sold my Deer rifle a Sauer 202 E lux 243 left hand. I had it about 10 years and used it on various occassional deer shoots mostly invite but never on a regular basis, then stupidly sold my beautiful gun on a whim and then sods law operated I was asked 8 months later to cover this woodland. Hence my joining this site. Hopefully my Deer rifle will be replaced providing everything goes well.

Thanks to the interweb I maybe back stalking very soon.

cheers Patrick
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