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Hi All,

Im an engineer living in the midlands. I have a plan on getting into deer stalking towards the end of this year / start of next.

Currently my only experience is target shooting, rabbit shooting with Air rifle and clay shooting with shotguns but i can't think of a better way to enjoy the outdoors, get fresh air and exercise, practice a new discipline and acquire some great wild game for the table.

Plan as follows is:

I currently attend a rifle club in the Midlands that has a very active full bore calender
Will apply and take my DSC 1 when i have faith in my ability to not only pass the practical shooting assessment but consistently hit 2-4 inch targets up to 300yds away
Purchase appropriate rifle and optics, practice some more
Keep reading the threads on here to gain a bit of second hand knowledge before venturing out and completing my first stalk. Ill try my best to relay everything i learn through this forum for any other potential starters.

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