Hi there! Can you help me? (James in Mid Sussex)


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I have been rabbit and pigeon shooting with my air-rifle for the last couple of years with the sole purpose to eat what I shoot and I have loved every minute.

I have come across deer a few times when out at night and I have often wondered how deer are hunted and gralloched as it is a whole different affair to what I am used to. You Tube gives you an idea but only a sense of what happens.

I am not in a position to buy guns, licences, and associated equipment to shoot deer for myself (and the Mrs has plenty of other objections) so I am pretty much looking for a one off opportunity to learn from an experienced huntsman about deer and techniques used. It would be great to broaden my experiences with a larger animal.

I understand it is not straight forward and there are no guarantee's... there never are!
Welcome to the site. Someone will take you up on a "free" pair of hands. Best of luck. Deer are just like a giant rabbit. Same system just a heck of a lot bigger, Look out for best practice days in your area, a lot can be learned from just attending. Jim
Hey thanks Jimbo... I hope so! I am often have to rely on the good spirit of people keen to share their knowledge and experience for the love of the sport and the tradition of it. Great to see so many enthusiastic and knowledgeable people on here! Thanks for your response.
hi james. anybody taken you up on yhe offer of a free pair of hands yet. maybe put it in the general disscusion thread and more people may see it.
regards pete