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Hi There CJ22...Welcome to the SD, fantastic place here, IMHO the best stalking site in the UK.......Re Edgars Bros, I have only good things to say about them...they have been superb with me...:) I do need a sight for a wee Walther airgun I have, and will PM you about it if thats ok?? :)


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Welcome to the site, please explain to me how your intro is not advertising for Edgar Brothers? I think you need to either take out trade membership on their behalf or edit your introduction.



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Mr Edgar himself ordered me a CZ part for a 527 .223, the flat hook shaped part that sits inside the safety bottom between the tang body and the safety. Should arrive from the US within a couple of weeks. It's been a few years now so I'm just wondering what the status quo is.

Also, I emailed in a trade account form over a year ago and am still awaiting a decision, I assume it's a bit like job applications, if you don't hear back it's a no...

Thanks for the great service though, and good luck on the site...INCOMING! LOL