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I live and Suffolk and always have done. Grew up rough shooting. Now do target shooting, and am secretary to a Bisley based Target Rifle Club. I'm looking to get back into some field shooting. Own a number of rifles from .22 to .44. Ex motorcycle racer with the broken body to prove it. Oh, and I'm a left hand shot.
Oh, and my 15 year old son has shown a talent for off hand shooting so am looking for a semi auto .22 for him. Like me he's a lefty and I see just the thing for sale on this forum!


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another lefty here, grandpa who taught me to shoot tried his hardest to "convert" me to the "correct" side, never worked though!
Why Thank you. I've always found being a left hand shot a complete pain until last week at Bisley. They group all the lefties together during the imperial and there was a little band of us, all with left hand bolt rifles, bonding in a left handed fashion. One of us came 2nd too.