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Hi Guys!

After living 26 years in Belgium and crossing the channel several times a year, my lady and I eventually decided to settle here for good with Arya, our 13 month Springer Spaniel.

Like many others here, I'm a passionate about hunting, Wildlife in general and nature conservation.

Belgium really is a wonderful country if you are a chocolate, beer and Tax addict, but our love of the british countryside was way stronger, even though we've got wonderful hunting areas and many wildboars to shoot.

I've been reading the stalking directory forum for a few years now and already met a wonderful lad thanks to it a few months ago (We went to Inverness under a clear blue sky that -believe it or not- lasted more than 20 mins and at a wonderful time at Jon Roe's) but never even registered...:rolleyes:

Anyway, I've been travelling all around the world in the last years and stalking in England & Scotland so many times if finally felt like home when we came back for good.

My favorite tools are my Blaser r8 (.30-06) and Browning (issued by the original Fabrique Nationale de Herstal) B25.

I'll do my best to contribute to the forum's many topics.

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Hi Max & welcome. Good to see you've come aboard SD and moved over here. Hopefully we'll catch up soon.