Full time deer manager from the Inverness area.

Mainly shoot with a .270 but interested to see what others use.

Also curious to find out a bit more about the different deer dogs that others work.



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Hi there,

i am also from Inverness. I use a .243 as my main weapon of choice.
i also have a black lab that is an amazing all-rounder.


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Hi welcome along from another highlander.:thumb: I myself have a Bavarian mountain hound pup never trained a deer dog before but we will see how it develops!


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Welcome. Not living in the real highlands currently. I have what I regard to be the best Teckel in the whole wide world. I may be biased.


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Welcome to the site!

I'm way down south in Hampshire myself and I'm using a .308 now I have my own rifle, but have stalked with .25-06 and .270 previously as estate rifles.

Frankly I like all three of those calibers to shoot and if I had deep enough pockets and the cabinet space I'd get rifles chambered accordingly!


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Welcome to the site.

Calibre wise If it's legal, place it correctly they'll fall over.

Dog wise 3 or more feet and an interest in food then it will eventually be trained to find what you want ...it just appears a gsp takes a little longer