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Hi Folks

Just thought I'd say hi here first.

I'm an ex-pat Brit now living in sunny South Africa and running a (mostly) hunting safari business that operates mostly in Tanzania, Botswana and SA.- So I guess I'll end up posting mostly on the hunting safari section. - It'll be nice to read about Brit hunting for me as well. - I've gotta say that although I love Africa and it's hunting, I still miss the early mornings after roe and muntjacs etc.

Home for me now is close to a small town called White River which is close to the Kruger National Park and I split my time between here and various parts of the African bush. - Next trip is to the Selous Reserve in Tanzania. Usually, I spend about 5 months a year up there, but it won't be so much this year as I'm needed at home to work on a new project, so hopefully, I'll be travelling up and down during the season.


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Hi Shakari and welcome. This is excellent news we now have a comprehensive and accurate in house knowledge of the finer points of hunting in and travelling to Africa. With members like your self and Sikamalc and Co. we are truly blessed.

What with this and out members who have huge European hunting experiences between them, Charity fund raising, social events, informative post's, encouraging and helping each other, we are starting to look more impressive than ever.

More of the the same



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Hello Shakari,
Welcome to the site. A couple of weeks ago, some of the SD members went to the Quex Museum. Since then everyone has gone safari mad! :lol: So I think we will be asking you quite a lot of questions. :lol:


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Hello and welcome shakari.

I reckon you will have many a chat and experience to share with Malcom on the Africa hunting section. ;)



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Thanks guys,

I've also been to Quex house and it's a great place huh.

I've never met Malc, but get an idea we spoke a few times on the phone some years ago............ anyway, happy to help etc.


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Hiya Shakari, nice to see you on here, read lot of your posts on the African Hunter site.
And got info on your outfit, but hey, marraige, little one and emigrating has slowed down the African visits for me, though I have been invited to a mates in Aus for W/Buff, Roos and anything else that moves.
That trip and hunting here will have to suffice `til I get back to Africa (it`s booked already but shhhhhhhh ;) )
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