Should have done this a while ago. I apologize for being so remiss. I'm fairly new to stalking taking this after mainly being into wildfowling. I'm also into motorbikes in a big way. And prior to a major ear problem was into diving, mainly the mixed gas type.



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Hi Mike,
It’s good to have you on the site mate. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like. Mind you if you trawl through the various posts and threads, I think every question imaginable has already been asked.

Good luck with your stalking and I hope to read your posts soon.

Regards Steve.F


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Welcome Mike the bike rider, had a GSXR myself a few years ago, had to sell though, mobile overdrafts walking around the house (kids).

I have learnt a vast amount from here and had some good invitations too...

Post Away.



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once had a Lambretta 150cc till I creamed it that was in 72 , moved on to a .243 and .308 found that more enjoyable :lol:


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I had a lambretta as well, 1964 it was. The sixties bloody marvellous, If I remember correctly ;)



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Welcome to the site, hope you find all the answers to questions you may have. I had a Kawasaki 250 until someone knocked me off taking a driving lesson :eek: Now I stick to 4 wheels on my Honda 450 quad.

JAYB on a Scooter, I bet you had the fox tail on the ariel, and a parker coat with the fur trimmed hood as well :lol: :lol: