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Offroad Gary

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can anyone reccomend a good value, fit for purpose, high seat? or advise of any that have not been quite up to the job.

i've seen plenty online but would like "field reports" from any users out there. making my own is not an option.



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Hi there,

Just a quick comment on the recomendation made by blueboar. I appreciate that everyone has there own views on what is suitable but we also have one of these towers, along with approximately 10 purpose built ones utilising 4 x telegraph poles as a base, and IMHO the bought one is as good as useless. Many stalking friends have now tried it and rate it as poor. Most have climbed in and straight back out as the slots are at the wrong height for a comfortable shot other than kneeling and a telescopic office chair has been required to try and address this problem. The ladder unfortunately runs over one of the crossing braces and interferes with two of the steps, dangerously so as it means that on one of the rungs you can hardly get your foot in. On leaving the tower which feels very flimsy it requires a leap of faith as the ladder is almost vertical and there is little in the way of handholds. It may be that this one has been constructed, or rather put together incorrectly (we inherited this one) but I certainly have been put off this design.

Regards to everyone, have a merry christmas and a happy new year.


PS I was going to use lots of smiley faces but I dont know how they work.


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High Seat


I have just taken delivery of an Eagle 4000 (stand up sit down) from the States - seems well made complete with safety harness ,yet to use it but so far it is light and portable - weighs about 22 lbs (10 kilos?). I will let you know the results in due course.


Offroad Gary

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blueboar, can we assume you work for corbeiton? ;)
thanks anyway, i was really after a seat (single or double), which i can move about and will be not too visible. seen the bushwear portable ones for £185 - anyone got one of these? they look at bit low.


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Afraid not,

We have had ours for the last year and a half, ours is sat on the edges of fields out in the open (very little trees in suffolk). The only draw back is that it didn't stand upto a 73mph wind :eek: The panel that needed the most time to 'ping' back into shape was the one with the door

In side I use a tall stool and have never had any problems with shooting position, in fact its quiet snug in there sometime I am 6ft 2in and I can stand uprightinside the tower comfortably.

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