Hillver Bases

Harry mac

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I recently picked up a bag og Hillver mounts and bases. The only reason I bought the bag was that there was a set of 30mm rings in there that I needed. The rest of the stuff in there is no use to me, but there is a one piece bridge mount in there and a pair of (possibly un-matched)single bases. Unfortunately I can't identify what rifles the bases are for. I've Googled furiously and fruitlessly for the product codes but can't find them published anywhere. Does anyone out there have an old product list for Hillver mounts that includes the product/catalogue numbers of their bases?
The codes I'm trying to find are:- 1817C (one piece mount), 1913B & 4998C (single bases). Thanks for any help.


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Looking in an old Deben catalogue, edition 14

1817 one piece mount (no C suffix though): Parker Hale Midlander 1P (modified Springfield 03 design)
1913 (no suffix): Krico 600, 700 series
4998 not listed.


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Excellent...................... Harry we can try the 1817 on the Midland I have in storage if you like the check it.