Hind shot after being found wounded by arrow


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would a red calf realy perish without its mother at this time of year or was that bit a load of emotive ballocks?



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Looks like a crossbow bolt to me.

I would expect a red calf to be independent by this time of the year, they are 8-9 months old now.

None-the-less utter scumbags are responsible for this sort of thing. Quite a bit of it here in N Ireland, tosser's with 22RF's etc lamping deer, my guess is 3-4 deer are left injurred for every deer they take cleanly.


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if the hind was still lactating the calf could be very much depended on its mother .
we have all seen hinds come into season late or come back into season if missed.
whilst out with a client this sika rut in oct i seen a calf that was not more than a 5-6 weeks old .
so the answer is possibly .

as to the user of the cross bow ,i would only hope to see them on the ground


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this is a simple act of mindless murder !! regardless if the calf was dependant or not the murdering barstards should be strung up !
but as we all know this will go un punished .

i just cant belive it



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Mindless, what an unnecessary waste. Definitely a crossbow bolt though, a weapon that requires only limited skill at short range.
Hope this doesn't queer the pitch for BBA members aspirations.


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That is just beyond belief what goes through the mind of these animals :evil:
It really defies all reason, I love the idea of Bow Hunting and the skill involved in such hunting, this is the work of low lifes with no respect for anything or anyone .. :cry: :cry: