HMR 17 and cleaning intervals

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Im interested in HMR owners thoughts on how often they should be cleaned and does this affect accuracy for several shots after cleaning ??


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Hi Trufflehunting,

I'm sure every HMR is different but my CZ varmint has to be cleaned about every 150 rounds or it goes totally off. It used to be a lot less but it is getting better the more i use it.
Once its been cleaned it wont shoot under an 1 1/2"for about 20 rounds.
this is getting better as the gun gets older and i put it down to a rough bore so i tried JB pasteing the living daylights out of it, I can't say whether it helped or not (probably not) but it used to need cleaning every 75 rounds then wouldn't shoot for about 30 (its amazing that i put up with it).
All that taken into account it's a great little rifle, it just takes a bit of disapline to keep it going, this is probably true of all 17 calibres.



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Hi Truffle,-------- sorry mate , from now on it will have to be TH or the full monica, otherwise my street cred goes down the swanny 8) :lol:
I`ve had a 17 for two years and I love it; flat shooting, hard hitting and as accurate as a match rifle.
You will pick up tips on rifle cleaning from everyone, varying from, "never, never,ever," to "every time you fire a shot" and of course everything in between.
Everyone with their own views and ideas and the crucial point is; they must all be hitting what they are shooting at, otherwise they would not offer their method as working! ---or would they? :confused:
So, after owning one and trying all methods, I find mine shoots better clean but you can rattle off a fair number of shots before the group opens up, Good luck, good shooting. Tony M.


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I drag the snake through mine every fifty rounds or so, but I don't make a fuss of it, just enough to keep things clear.

Keeping the SAK silencer clean is more important, it's like a cob web and catches everything. So check that at least every 80 rounds. musta pulled half pound of crap outta mine on one occasion :oops:

By that time the rifle was shooting all over the place.
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