Hodgdon superperformance


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Bought a tub of Hodgdon superperformance powder, read the label and noticed a Edgar brothers
sticker on top. this read in little writing Extruded rifle powder varget, then all the
danger signs etc . So is this a generic sticker of Edgars
or is it Varget ?
or is it Superperformance?
Any one else got a tub to look at.


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Ask Edgar brothers, if you use Facebook use the messenger app and they usually reply in a few minutes depending on how technical the question is.


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or open it up and look at whether its an extruded powder that being Varget(small cylindrical columns) or ball powder(Superformance), still its not good that labels are getting mixed up.


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Im thinking its just Edgar Bros EU hazard label they have stuck on.
just a bit disconcerting to see varget on it though.

Ill check tomorrow with them.