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Wanted: Hog/pig saddle


Well-Known Member
Looking for a saddle for my primos sticks hog/ pig saddle or similar if there any about someone has gathering dust.


Well-Known Member
If you go down that route i would love to get you feed back ad i would like to do that same.
I have done similar to this

but does mean you have a little adaptor attached to your rifle.


Well-Known Member
There’s someone on eBay sells them but trigger sticks are not stable enough to do the job properly,you really need a much more sturdy tripod that’s designed to hold that amount of weight and also a ball head


Well-Known Member
Very true nick
I wouldn’t trust trigger with a 1000 rifle on top plus scope , I did try but soon amended my set up to hog saddle heavy duty tripod and ball head
best thing I ever done


Well-Known Member
i tried it on premos top is to flexible now using
you can get extra attachments for around £10 and they are more stable than a hog saddle i have both they take about the same time to set up


Well-Known Member
Be careful using primos trigger sticks esp if you're wanting to leave your expensive rifle in the cradle, i had one and when the leg broke sent it back they sent a new one and that one too broke.
If you want to use a cradle and leave your rifle, so hands free id suggest you buy a good tripod, been using monfrotto tripod for yrs but recently upgraded to the Rekon, save damaging your rifle and get a tripod.