Hoisting deer

John Gryphon

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At times I use the tractor to lift my deer up but generally I use a manual 1 tonne chain block but I need two at a minimum so I have gone tech and have one of these in the mail.
Yep I know where it is made for sure but for $120 DELIVERED its a bargain.
Strong enough with either 300 kg or 600 kg depending on whether you use a double or single line pull.
Pays to look online,one mob here want $289 for exactly the same unit.

winch hoist.jpg


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My neighbor has an electric winch in his barn that we use for the moose . Makes life easy when skinning and gutting them. I thought about buying one of those winches like in the picture but I don't shoot enough these days to warrant one. I bought a 300kg block and tackle that i can hoist up a 100kg plus boar with easy even for a feeble old git like me :old: .


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Saves backache skinning too, even on the smaller animals :thumb: Was able to pick-up one in a clearance from Aldi or Lidl for £49:D ( Hoist hook just visible on left).
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