Home Loading, What Equipment?

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Was round at a mates today, he has started to home load, his equipment is a bit old, but I was surprised how easy it is to do.

Due to the shortage of Ammo out there, what I want to know is.

What is a good set up to use for home loading?

a. What press
b. What powder
c. What primer

Do I need Micrometers and or vernia gauges

Can I buy all the equipment without altering my FAC, I would be home loading for Deer Stalking purposes.

Cheers All



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You can use a cheep press like a lee chalenger or a rcbs partner .

Instead of scales/powder measure/trickler buy a Lyman DPS 3 quite expensive about £ 220 but worth it as once set up is all done for you !

Lee dies are fine but get a neck die as well as full length one.once used in your rifle you do not need to resize the whole case again

Powder / primers are what you can buy easily locally .

Yes you need a vernia gauge &
primer pocket tool
case length cutter

You can buy a kit but things in the cheep ones are cheep and you will end up replacing them


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it doesn't affect your FAC
please buy a reloading book first(see post about setting up dies)

press probably single stage rockchucker etc
powder,heads, primers are all dependant on calibre
you will need some scales some verniers,
you may already have some cases.

after reading the book this will give you most of you answers, heads and powders is really more what is stocked locally,



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Cheers, he made it look easy, guess I'm off to source a Reloading book, there seem to be alot more to it than I thought, and I now think he would benifit from reading the book, he might not be doing it right, I'll get the book and take it from there.



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i can recomend the speer reloading manual 13 edition as that has a step by step guide to reloading from start to finish including some basic faults that often occur when starting off loading
as for powder and primers will depend on which type of bullet you use and who manufactures these bullet heads as they all hav different loading data their own brands


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Must say Sorry, this should have been on the Reloading section, didn't seee it earlier when I posted this.




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I would say that the best thing you can do would be to buy a starter kit. RCBS has always been good to me but Redding would also be a good option. You can probably do it cheaper with other brands such as Lyman or Lee but if you know that you're going to load for the long term I'd opt for RCBS or Redding. The kits will contain all you need to start with the exception of a die set and components - primers, powder etc.

In time there will be other equipment that you will find that you will need. I would say that the most important and useful would be:

Stoney Point/Hornady Comparator Set and Dummy Cases for your calibres. This will determine the length of your particular rifle's chamber and enable you to work out the precise seating depth of your bullets relative to the lands of the rifling.

Stoney Point/Hornady Head 'n' Shoulders Set to measure the headspace of your rifles.

Vernier Gauge.

Primer Pocket Uniformer to help seat primers consistently.

Flash Hole Deburring Tool to remove the burr on the flash hole inside the case. This isn't so importnat if you use Lapua Brass as I think the flash hole is drilled rather than punched with most other brass.

Finally, a Harrells Precision powder measure would be an improvement over the measure that comes with whatever kit you decide to buy. Not cheap but worth every penny. With the dollar how it is at the moment it may be worth consdiering ordering one from the likes of Sinclair International.

I think that should just about do you.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.



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Here is a photo of what I use for my reloading, I have a Lyman 1200DPS Mk3 arriving sometime this week. As I said it's what I use, I am used to it and it serves my purpose.


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Cheers for all the info so far, keep it coming though, can never have to much info, so long as it's not complicated!!
:D :D


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The Lee anniversary kit is what I use.For the money it's good value.
For more money you will no doubt get better quality and engineering but I'm happy with the cartridges I'm producing with it.

Is that a pair of hawk bells on your reloading bench?

All the best,


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It certainly is, they are normorally attached to the dogs collar when I use him for a follow up.

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