Home loads for .243?

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I load for 2 different rifles in .243, and have found IMR 4350 to work very well with 100 gr. bullets in both rifles (almost always Nosler Partitions for us).

Our loads are carefully worked up to the maximum we can use, so I am reluctant to give actual powder weights. Start with any good data from any bullet or powder manufacturer manuals or web sites, and work up from their medium loads.

We are getting measured averages of just over 3000 fps from a 24 inch barrel. Groups are in the inch and one quarter range at 100 yards. Very effective on animals to the size of our Saskatchewan deer.


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There are no real short cuts in reloading.What works well in one firearm might be hopeless in an other. You just have to try as many different powders,primers,cases and bullet makes as well as types to find a load that works in your rifle it,s all part of the hobby i,ve been handloading for 20 years and still doing test loads. Buy a couple or three loading manuels and start working it out for yourself, it,s best way.


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I use 100 speer SPBT, Winchester brass, CCI 500LR primers and H4350. Look in a manual or two find a safe starting load and work your way up from there to suit your own gun. Remember that if you change one component, don't matter if it is brass primer or head start the process all over again.



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I've had a go with the Speer Spbt and have concluded that they do the job in a spectacular fashion, came across four Roe Doe's and bagged 3. Have to try the H4350 though have to see if I can pull the group in.


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N560 works well out the .243 as does Rel 22. Both consistant with good accuracy.

Theres no magic wand for reloading im afraid (Wish there was) its all down to you, your rifle, the time and equipment used in the process.

100g Sierras and Noslers are my favourite recipes for the above powders. All shoot sub 1/2 ". :lol:



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Hi you may by now have enough data to make up your own mind, but well 42 gr hod 440 and i'm usin balistic tips 1/4 inch at a 100. well ive said my bit hope you get the load that suits :D


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Kevin I assume you mean H414 and it's 2 grains over manual max.!!!
What's fine for one may be very dodgey for another...work up from 10% below...remember familiarity can breed contempt...contempt with explosives can prove fatal.
HI, I was just shooting foxes resently with 70gr Noslers but needed to get some 100gr for some roe. Just got Speer SPBT 100gr, using federal cases, remmi 9.5 primers and 34.5gr H380 then seated 6 thou off the lands i'm getting 0.5" groups at 200yds :lol: . I have found the biggest difference can be the case make and weight, as said before each rifle likes different mixtures. Mines a T3 and has never liked hot loads so its nice and safe for me, but mine drop about a foot at 300 from a 150yd zero. I just have to get my 70grs (0.5"/100) shooting as well now! Good luck and velocity doesn't always mean accuracy.



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i use 40 grains of reloader 22 , hornaday 100 grain boat tail softpoints ,federal 210 primers and federal cases . i am getting 3/4 inch grouping from my tikka, you use what you like as the fun is in experimenting and finding what suits you and you rifle but always work up to the maxium loads not down
hav fun


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Many .243 rifles shoot better around 80gr bullet weight and for Roe 100gr is not required,good bullet design and correct placement is more important than greater mass.
I would like to see someone put up a .5 inch group at 200yds with a 100grain projectile.
Here is a recent 5 shot group shot with my Sako .243 Varminter at
t 100 yds out of my car window.
[68gr Berger, 40.5gr Vit. N140, Fed 210 Match primer, Norma brass.]
Rifle sighted into centre with 75gr V.Max.



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No it wouldn`t `cos I use my .270 for all Deer, furthermore those squares on the target are one-inchers and Deer guts are more than 1.5 inches away from the heart of a Deer.



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Hi bobt.

This is my tool for all Deer. [German No.1A reticle.]
I have tweaked the sights since I shot this group, it would be a sin to gut-shoot an innocent beastie ! :cry:




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Hi Beo.
Aye, it has been a cracker, those persons who denigrate the old .270 calibre know nowt.
It has bowled over 5 species of Deer with style, never got round to zapping a C.W.D. with it yet although I had a few with my previous .30-06 before I sold it to buy the C.G. when the law in EIRE was changed in 1993. This allowed a ceiling of .270 instead of the .22cfs we were compelled to use since 1972.
I was until then using the .30-06 here as a work tool but found little change when I swopped over, after all a .270 is only a necked down .30-06 anyway.