Home made detachable mag’ conversion for a Howa.

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Posted else were as well.

As a number of guys on here know I have been working on a Detachable Magazine conversion for my Howa 1500. Here is the finished product, “no CNC machining was used in the construction of this conversion.” :lol: So it was back to my roots using bench fitting hand tools. ;)

I wanted to keep the new bottom metal to the same profile as the original Howa floor plate, this would mean that I could then put the original back in the stock at a latter date if I so desired.

For magazines I used one from a Remington, but I modified the feed lips on these mags to make them a double stack but feed from the central position like Accuracy International magazines. One down side was that this turned the 10 shot mag’ into a 9 shot. The five shot mag’ is just a cut down 10 shot with a new alloy bottom made for it.

The new mags’ make chambering a new round much nicer with less resistance on the bolt, the bullets now make contact with the feed ramp ½ to 2/3 the way up compared with the bottom of the ramp with the standard rifle.

The mag’ release catch is operated like a Badger Ordinance one, you just push it forward to release the mag’ I kept it small so you were least likely to catch it while stalking ect. It would be no problem to make a larger one for a range gun.

The 9 shot mag’ was wanted for my hunting trip to NZ, we fly out on Friday. We will be shooting wild boar among others animals and from past experience out there I found a 3 shot mag’ a bit limiting when the dogs hit a big mob of pigs. I am sure 5 in the mag’ would be fine but it will do no harm to have a few extra. The total cost was £12 for one mag’ and £16 for the other but don’t ask me how many man hours.


The mag’ in the middle is a 5 shot Tikka one.


Here you can see the mags’ feeding from the centre position.


The original Howa floor plate next to the roughed out new floor plate the trigger guard was TIG welded in place then dressed back as was the magazine box guild (not shown).


The 9 shot mag’ next to a Tikka 595 5shot for comparison.


5 shot mag’ fitted.

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ejg said:
Well done Thar,
that´s quite a bit of work.
Good luck in NZ


I can say that after two weeks field testing in NZ the mag' worked flawlessly. :)

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Glad you made it back Thar - write up to follow with pictures I hope!

How is the young lad from the south, still manage to tote his 300WSM I fettled? ;)


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Redmist said:
Glad you made it back Thar - write up to follow with pictures I hope!

How is the young lad from the south, still manage to tote his 300WSM I fettled?

I can't say too much Andy, as the “soft southerner” is doing a article for one of the national magazines. ;) The 9 shot mag’ did come into it’s own culling goats, I was down to my last round once while Smeagles Sako was empty. :lol:

The 300WSM was the most expensive walking stick I have ever seen, he used it as one once he got tried. :eek:

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