Home made Target Camera issues, one for the photo boys probably,

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Somewhere in the dim and distant past I was discussing cameras for zeroing running on WiFi or blue tooth. saves using a spotting scope and the problems that entails. Somebody in here pointed me in the direction of making my own, same as the expensive one but without the flash software that shows each impact and numbers them. Possibly VSS? I can’t remember now.

anyway, I made one and the link works well, BUT, I do have an issue, the lens is very focus fussy. Can white out easy. My opinion is that it is the lens. I have a 6-15 1:1.4 1/3,CS lens connected to a Watec unit. For those that don’t remember this was one of the first units people used when building nv spotters., the Watec that is, not the lens.

Presuming this is a lens more suited for zoom work, Could anyone recommend me a lens that I should be using instead of the one I have? A shorter range one with a bigger aperture maybe? maybe a camera lens but would need to collect to a CS system.

Ideas please?


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I've made a couple now, one I used a drone camera with built in transmitter I needed one that ran on USB voltage as my plan was to fix it to the top of a battery bank used for keeping your phone charged whilst camping etc. I purchased it from china for not much money around £15 I think this works well out to around 300m (you have to be careful about the law when using transmitters/receivers in the uk) the other I wanted to make one that would have NV capabilities so I wired in a transmitter to a cctv camera that had its own ir, that way I could use it on a bait point at night. worked very well too but requires 12 volts. so that might be a cheaper option than a new lens depending what you find second hand. good luck with it pal.


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With its built in IR LEDs it works day and night so zeroing NV and thermal kit at any time is easy.



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is this something you are selling as I am at the, what lenses do I buy and if I was to get something like yours I need to figure out power and cameras and stuff that Don’t involve gaffer tape and hammers which is my level of sophistication.


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I went with an m42 mount and used a manual 50 lens I then-adjust the f stop so I don’t get white out, get a fixed focal plane lens they are easier, regards Wayne


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I built the the one with mealijimmy's instructions from another forum and it works great very clear picture in the ipad, my old ipad air played up but with the slightly newer ipad its is very good. Tested out to 300yds by myself with no issues