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Ive run a 100m network cable down my garden in trunking to a Cat5 face plate to our summer house and plan to put wifi down there. I'm after some advice whats best device to use to add wifi down there? would it be a wifi access point or a wifi extender?? can't seem to find anything that allows me to plug an Ethernet cable into it and output as a wifi?

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Think it is a wireless access point you need, most have a cabled network input for the cat 5 cable and little ariel to output wifi

Can't remember the name of the one we have I think it may be made by Tenda and it works well enough for the £30 ish it cost

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If you have an old wifi router knocking about then you can normally turn off the router function and use it as an access point.
i used a spare BT home hub. It also provides me with some wired ports too.

Just looked on eBay, hundreds of home hub 5s going for pennies.
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