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Do you Skive?

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No just flexitime, 3 12hr days = 4 day weekend or 100 leave days / year plus the 30 days AL :lol:


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Self employed working from home...every moment I'm here is a moment I should be serving my customers and making money...so that's a yes then! :lol:


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Same as Frax (own company)

Quite often tell the wife i am working while i'm on here ( just did infact)

Do i feel guilty ? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



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I spend more time on here than I do working. Quiet trip this time though, kind of on call offshore. Nobodies called yet so not lifted a finger (apart from on this keyboard) in 18 days. Outa here Friday though :D


Site Staff
I can honestly say that I never visit this site whilst at work. There again if I worked it may be different :D



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I drive a lorry so no I don't get to skive off. I do however think up loads of excuses to get out of work around the house so that I can stay on the site. ;)

paul k

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I'm at my desk pretty much from about 07:45 to about 19:00 most days and don't have a problem with taking a swing round the forums in my breaks.

Andy L

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Bandit, I think that you will find today is the 1st July. Your VAT return should have been in yesterday!! :lol:


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I very much openly and blatantly read this forum at all times of the day in front of all my Bosses, if they ask what I am reading I will honestly explain, I then pose a work related question to which I know they have no answer to.

They soon bugger off!!! :D :D

Bandit Country

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Andy L said:
Bandit, I think that you will find today is the 1st July. Your VAT return should have been in yesterday!! :lol:

Ah ha! But you get an extra seven days if you do it online - at least that is what the nice lady at HMRC told me......


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every day when i get the chance at work,my o/h thinks im looking for a nice camping site in devon/dorset at the moment and she just walked in on me but didnt look at the screen :lol: :lol:


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I wouldn`t risk my e-mail address at work. With the clowns i work with i`d be buying half of ebay and not know it!!
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