Hooky eBay Atlas bipod review


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Bought one of these on a whim


£40 shipped to the door
this one has a pic rail attachment (which I plan to remove and convert but more on that later)

to be honest I was expecting a flimsy POS copy with poor material choice and plastic all over the place

What I got was a pleasant surprise

hard anodised Aluminium construction throughout
stainless steel fittings,
multi ball bearing notched leg release (could do with a spot of grease to keep it that way and silent IMO)
Solid no rattle or slack engagement with legs up or in notches
looks like brass washers between sliding aspects of leg angle mechanism
poitive solid spring engagement of leg angle locks
O-rings on top of legs to stop rain getting into tube assembly when closed and stop any noise/rattle
deep knurled legs and collars
even the pic rail tightening screw is a solid metal knob rather than some plastic covered effort and it is not a thread that relies on pulling the opposing jaw in.
the sliding jaw is dowelled and tapped, the clamp pin is screwed into the sliding jaw and tighted from the stable side. very slick

only plastic on it is the rubber feet which are also metal covered screw in efforts (rather than the QR atlas versions)
and one plug under the swivel fitting

Rather cheekily it has "Atlas Bipod Patented" on the front!

All in all it looks better made than some of the pressed steel Harris ones I have had in the past

worth a punt

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I'm hoping its good, one on the way.

Although looks like the picatinney rail for the bottom of the stock is going to cost as much as the bipod :doh:


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QD stud to picatinney rail looks to be costing £20+postage, if you want a dedicated rail and remove the stud 25-30 plus postage. Not quite the same cost but close.

Must say i'm looking forward to it arriving, I talked my brother into buying the real one and its without doubt a great bit of kit but too much money for me £250+


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eBay has a very strict policy on counterfeit goods


I am going on the assumption that if Atlas are not pursuing them and eBay are still allowing them to trade then there is something missing from the patent or trade mark.
Its not like he is doing one offs

Not selling, merely observing


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I bought one of those Chinese copies a couple of months ago (£36) , removed my stud and screwed a short picatinny rail on and must say it is faultless.

When I originally left it on my watching page it suddenly vanished and was replaced by a statement from evilbay stating that it infringed copyright hence removal.

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I bought a Chinee "Swiss arms" versapod copy (30 bucks), which has a picattiny rail fitting for a Sling stud, this stays on and the bipod comes off and on easy enough.

It is SUPERB. Brilliant bit of kit, and I prefer it to my Versapod


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Why not Redmist the japs done it for years and they supply the most reliable cars in the world.Improving on what is already there is how we get beter and cheaper.

Offroad Gary

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Ive seen one in the flesh and they only look like an Atlas (from a distance), no way comparable in quality or functionality to the real thing.

One of the comments on the hide was bang on.. These will never affect the sales of the real thing, the type of people that buy them would never have bought the real thing anyway.