hornady LocknLoad quick change bushings


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So I have been trying to build up a stock of these to allow me to switch all my dies onto this quick change platform

finally got the box of 10 I ordered from the states and went to fit them

for those who have not seen them they allow you to convert a Rockchucker or similar standard 7/8 threaded boss in the top to accommodate a quick change bushing
the dies still lock with the same lock rings and still allow adjustment but each die comes out in a 1/4 turn single twist

(skip to 3.45 to see use)

RCBS Rock Chucker Hornady Lock N Load.wmv - YouTube

they work a charm and are very well made, they lock up with no slop, are sharp and precise

Now... and here is the rub
They have overlooked one thing!
they made the flange too big to fit your dies back in the die box!
the flange is about 1-2mm too wide, serves no purpose as it is wide than a lock ring


so I now have the prospect of making a custom box to house 5 calibres/cartridges with the bushings or fail to calm down and throw them in the sea!!
or I get them machined down!

god I hate oversight on such a fundamental level!