How do I get the deer now?

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Hi All,

So, after practically tripping over roe during the rut they are , as wadas sagely predicted, 'laying up now they've had their fun'.

I'm still seeing plenty of signs, but no deer.

How long will this period last?

What do you think I should adopt now as a strategy? Should I bide my time until they get their breath back, or start creeping through the trees rather than waiting in ambush at the places I know they frequent?

The freezer is almost empty, it's reaching crisis situation!

Even resorted to going after woodies with the 12 bore today. I only saw 2. Didn't even get a shot off. :cry:


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What now

Yes bide your time snowstom.The deer will return.It always seems after the rut for the next month or so the bucks dissapear totaly.Soon as the does start moving the bucks will be back on the scene.


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Hi Snowstorm. This time of year straight after the rut Roe Bucks can be hard to get on to. Thats why the best times in my opnion are early April when the season opens, and the Rut, late July early August.

September will pick up as a rule, probably towards the end, Roe can even have a false rut sometimes in September. At the moment they are laying up and feeding, and the weather and the fact the harvest has not been cut in some parts of the UK will also play a part in their habits.

I do not know your ground although Wada's has spoken to me about it. Wait until the end of September, then have a creep about, especially if we get some nice late warm weather :rolleyes: (chance would be a fine thing) This may entice them out to feed and look for tasty morsels.

Each year is different, and each species is different, and you also learn something each time you go out, so its not wasted time. This is something Level 1 and 2 cant teach you ;) patience.

Good luck.


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how do I get the deer now

I agree with perks bide youre time, dont hassle them, or they will get stressed, become more ellusive, harder to manage and control. This happens every year, they just vanish, regain their strength return a few weeks later. Dont ruin you,'re patch by pushing them away, take time out, do some maintenance etc
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