How do you break in a barrel?


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I've just purchased a T3 stainless/synthetic and have been advised to 'break the barrel in'. The instruction booklet doesn't mention anything about this process.
Do I really need to do anything to the rifle before firing, or should I just fire it and clean it as I would with my pre-owned bang sticks?


Two school of thoughts one is a long and boreing 1 shot clean every day for 4 days then 5 shots and clean then 10 so on on.

The other is shoot it and clean after the day's shooting .

i have tried both and can't tell any diference so i would say just shoot it !


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Thanks Splash,
I pull through after each group of three shots anyway so I will carry on doing that. Does seem a lot of fannying about doesn't it.
I've been told to fire one and clean, fire two and clean, fire three and clean and then carry on shooting three and cleaning afterwards until the cows come home. Very odd! :rolleyes:


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Thanks 300wsm,
There doesn't seem to be any 'one' way of conditioning the barrel.
Mind you Border Barrels should know what they are talking about. Well I'm off up to Shropshire at the end of August so at least I can take my time at Minsterley Ranges shooting and cleaning.


The rifle i did ' brake in' the proper way has a Border barrel, it is an Accuraccy International and at the price of 2K i thought it best to do as they say !
It do's group at less than 1'' at 200m and gives great confidence on Deer or fox, all have fallen to one shot with no misses.
But it weighs a lot and is best for prone or high seat shooting.

My 22.250 coyote light on the other hand was just shot and cleaned after each day from initial zeroing onwards.
It shoots less than 1'' at 100 m and i am more than happy with it .

I tend not to worry as if you bought a second hand rifle you have not a clue how it has been used/abused

I also have a second hand Remington model 7 in .260 rem, it weighs less than the 22.250 has a barrel like a straw and shoots tighter groups.
just luck i suppose.


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Hi Guys.

There is no consistency with barrel break in even with the manufacturers. IMHO shoot one round and clean/decopper 10x then 2 rounds decopper 5x. Thats it.
For hunting too much cleaning and decoppering can keep moving the POI. A barrel firing std copper bullets will require 10 shots to reach a consistent breach pressure. I recommend routine cleaning every 20 rounds and then 3 fouling shots to check zero.
Try to avoid benchrest cleaning regimes if your primary use in hunting or you will never have confidence in your rifles first shot.