How do you compress a small coil spring

Red Dragon 2

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At present I am refurbishing a single barrel shotgun for my grandson, the hammer spring is proving to be a bit of a beast to replace, the gun is a Spanish copy of the Stevens 94H. How do you compress the coil spring and keep it compressed so as to reassemble the system. There is a pin that goes through it and a spacer the fits in the back of the action, this all has to go in as one piece and the tension released.
(The top lever spring went flying across the workshop the other day but was successfully retrieved and fitted.)
The gun had already been stripped when it came to me and I think there should be another coil spring and pin for the top lever to work properly.


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Get a small bolt with nut an washer thread a small piece of wire up through spring put the bolt through spring tighten nut till spring compressed twist to hold tension remove bolt from spring. Put and secure spring in place cut and remove wire