How long in the larder?

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Folks, i use a large operational fridge as my larder. Unfortunately due to gettng the Flu, trying to fix my storm damaged roof and just plainly forgetting, i've managed to leave a roe carcass in there for 3 weeks.

I inspected it the other day - the meat seemed firm, no obvious discolouration and just the strong deer smell. So, how long have you left yours in such conditions and do you think it likely safe to butcher and eat?



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Should be fine, l have done the same thing and consumed it, tasted great and unfortunatly for some l am still around :D l assume the chiller is working ok and keeping a constant temp and not going above 7c if thats the case there should be no probs, but 3 wks would need to be the limit l think.


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Carcase Storage In Fridge

It will be interesting to see the replies to this, but this is what I do,
Until Foot Mouth August this year I would only keep mine for up to 2 week in the fridge, when the foot mouth came and there was a ban on movement, I kept 3 in the fridge for 26 days, I was concerned that they would go off, I skinned 1 and took it to the butcher and he said it was the most tender one he had taken from me and cut up lovely, So now (at the butchers request ) I like to keep them at least 3 weeks were it is possible, and I’m not sure if it as a result of this, but the butcher sells 50% more then he was,

It is important to make sure that the insides of the carcase are wiped out dry and that the air can circulate around the carcase,

For a short time when I hung the carcase up I was putting a large plastic bag over it to catch the blood so that I didn’t need to clean it up off the floor, this was a mistake as the carcase soon began to sweat, so I now place trays on the floor to help with the cleaning up

I set the fridge to run at between 2C +/- 1


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How long in the larder

I run my chiller at 3°c. and frequently leave roe in for three weeks and occasionally four. I have a length of bent wire to hold open the cavity. Apart from that the vinegar treatment works well.
Incidentally. a couple of brace of pheasants that I had no time to do, hung for six weeks and were some of the most tender I have eaten.


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My mate has given me a cold room as his old man supplies these to butchers and shops.
He tells me the butchers sometimes hang the meat for upto 6 weeks regularly to mature and my mother said grandfather always hung anything he shot till he could shake feathers of game or stunk to high heaven..


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I usually hang mine for 2 weeks at 1-2oC. the duration will depend on the carcass damage. the more blood shot meat the shorted the hanging IMHO.
Usually an contaminated meat I neatly cut off.



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i normaly hang mine for a week ,2 weeks top at between 2-4oc any longer than that, i start to worry about the mould that starts appearing in the chest cavity by the 3rd week
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