How many deer have you killed

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as the title suggests how many if u can remember how many deer you have shot / killed / recovered all 100% of them ? etc ?

i myself to this date have only shot , and killed 2 and at the moment eating my way through them :)


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since November the 1st last year my shooting partner and i have had eighty two roe, eleven muntjac about ten fallow.
we eat a load our selves, and butcher a load for the land owners,
and sell a few to the game dealers we still get a buzz every time we go out,and thats at least twice a week in the winter and once a week in the summer. ;)


I have culled my set quota this season and will set my new quota after walking my grounds in Oct this year . It don't matter how many to me at all its more about quality and sticking to a set cull plan. But also willing to change the plan if its not beneficial to the deer.


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6.5 x 55 is quiet right you have to achive your set cull and stick to it,we will take 100 beasts this year,and if I have the doe/hind cull on my new lease it will be 150,however it is all relative to the base population and your aim,the day you nolonger get that buzz of just been out watching the deer going about there own thing is the day you take up knitting


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I've lost count, but then I have been culling Deer since the middle fifties.
I could come up with a figure from my records but I don't think it's relevent to anybody other than myself and I don't think it should really come up on a web site like this.
Sorry guys.


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Locking the thread is not the answer. But I will add that most stalkers, and all of those that I associate with never discuss how many deer they may have taken over the years. Its a bit like asking someone how much money you have in your bank account.

What we must remember is the memories of being out stalking and with good friends, and memorable times, those are what you should cherish. Numbers mean nothing, memories everything.

XIM I hope you have many memories in years to come, forget numbers taken, count the memories. Good luck with your stalking ;)


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The day I answered a question like that with a figure is the day I`ll pack up.
And the day I take my enjoyment by the number of birds I shoot or the number of derr/animals I shoot is def the day I pack up !!


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thanks sikamalc for a sensible reply.

i (as u can see) am in the beginnings on my adventures into a stalking way of life and didnt intend to insult or offend anyone.

i value the experiance from all stalkers new and old and can glee so much knowledge.
lol it made me smile when people say things like " we dont want to give the anti- hunting people more ammo to use against us"

personally i couldnt give a **** what anti-hunting people think of my personal intrests.
i'm not doing anything illegal
i'm recieveing practicle tuition / supervision.
my only crime here is to perhaps not be so sensitive the peoples feelings who dont want to rock the boat with anti-hunters.
i dont feel any shame should i ??


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No you should feel no shame young man, but sometimes it is better to go quietly about ones business. It is also the mark of a good stalker, be quite, thoughtfull, look first before you move, and you will see much more.

I agree in principle with what you are saying, but respect to your quarry is most important, racking and stacking large numbers of deer means nothing, and as I said before amongst most stalkers is not discussed.

Good luck in your future stalking ventures. Please do not be afraid to ask questions or advice.

There is not a man born yet, that knows everything ;)


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I agree, it matters not a jot.

1 beast hanging on a rail looks much like 10 beasts, 100 beasts or a 1000 beasts to me. Its the experience you have had, the things you have learnt and what you take away with you at the end of the day that counts.

Come to think of it, it doesn't really matter if there's nothing hanging on the rail at the end of the day.


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Numbers may not matter a jot, but I have found it very useful to know what numbers I have shot and have some form of written record of each one (usually a receipt from a dealer). Every time I meet with my F.L.O I show him these records, to show the need for continued use of my firearms.

DeerStalker Brent

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I dont think you have to count how many deer you shoot and remember it aint a competion, all you need to be doing is having fun and keep on doing it.



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I think this was a very bad topic of conversation and enough has been said as to why.
It has run it's length and ought to be pulled.
As has been said before, the shooting of Deer is not a competition and shouldn't be turned in to one.
It isn't even fun, it is a job that has to be done, which gives satisfaction to the Stalker when done properly.
Satisfaction for a job well done is not the same as having Fun!!
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