How many do you reload?

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How many rounds do you load per year for your own use?

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Andy L

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I keep thinking about reloading but due to the fact that I only shoot about 100 to 150 rounds per year, I don't see that it is worth it. I am not one for paper punching, especially as my Sauer has a very lightweight barrel on it and the accuracy of many factory rounds do me fine.
I just wondered how many you guys get through over the course of a year.


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i reload about
30 .375
100+ 30-06
100+ 243
this has saved me a fortune and guarantees the same ammunition week after week with out going to the gunshop and finding all he has in is something my rifle is not zeroed for or ammo i don't like


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at 311 with the 22-250 from March till now.

around 50 with the 308, but will start loading soon.

might make it over 500 this year.



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I shoot a bit in competitions as well as vermin / fox and deer control.

I will reload on average more than 1000 of various calibers per annum.

For example I am well on my way though a second bulk pack (1000) of 123g Scenars for the 6.5x47.

I also use quite a few 150g Scenars in the 308 (buy these in bulk too)

Deer and fox rifles get used regularly and used for practice maybe 500 rounds a year for these.

Also load for a few people who have same calibres as me.

Spend quite a bit of time reloading, got it to a fine art, no tickling :D

Guess I have a large carbon footprint too ;)

Andy L

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Redmist, I thought of a way to make my self carbon neutral. I am going to turf the top of my truck! :lol:
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