how many members on this site?

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I am going to the Basc AGM next week and would like to prepared as possible, can admin tell me how many members there are on this site? and how many are Basc members?


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Hi griff
there are 908 members on the site ish. Click on the memberlist for a full list. as for how many are basc members..... it's dificult to tell. but what we can say is they are all shooters or have an interest in shooting.



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Hi Grif,
You could also say that if BASC bucked its ideas up then the BASC members on this site would put favourable posts on the website and encourage other site members to become BASC members too!


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I am
a member of the B.A.S.C. since 1972 and was WAGBI , also I a member of BDS. I Could be in the deer initiative and other organizations but I cut my cloth to what I personally want to do I have no allegiances to any but I do support country issues , I use them to keep up to date and nothing more , if anyone is out there shouting on OUR behalf then I would fully support them , I personally don't give a flying Fx What org represents us so long as it is for the better and brings us all in line with
countryside issues /pursuits, to our advantage.
Cheers Trapper
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