How many of you guys are bikers


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Cant find it now but there was a thread recently about motorbikes , a good number of guys i take stalking seem to be into bikes as well
Here is a pic of mine on a run out to Skye in one day (600 miles in one day)
Pics would be good
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Kawasaki zx12r and a BMW GS1200 myself. Though not had an opportunity to use either of late due to work/family commitments.


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Sadly no longer on 2 wheels, but over the years
Ex MOD Ariel 350
BSA Bantam
Triumph T110
Dresda Triton
Triumph Bonneville
Norton Dunstall Dominator
Yamaha Fazer
Harley Davidson Sportster
Harley Davidson Softail

Sadly the last Ride of Respect through Royal Wooton Basset saw me call it a day and hang up my helmet due to continuing groin problems (found I could not get my leg over the saddle at Membury Services to re fuel)


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I had exclusively bikes from age 18 to 27, commuted in all weathers including a 90 mile round trip for one job. Then I decided that getting dogs and starting shooting needed me to get a car and stop relying on the wife to taxi me everywhere, so the bike had to go.


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Nice wheels Colin, used to have bikes but onset of middle age , kids and shooting again with a dog means a 4 wheeled vehicle is a must, mine were Honda cub then FS1e, RD125 lc, RD 350 lc, GPZ600r, KH400 when it ran properly and XS1100. Thought long and hard about getting an old Indian or maybe an old DOT trials bike but can't find time to justify having one.



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Yes started with tiger cub in 1965 ,stopped in 2003 with Honda nx 650.Best one was Honda mtx 125 used it every day for 15 years ,never missed a beat.Shooting and motorbikes happy days.


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GS.jpg This is mine Colin. I bought it primarily for playing about on but also for touring around Scotland and abroad after a few years without one. Saw places in my own country this year and last I'd never been to before. Got more off road orientated tires on it and this was first day out on them off the tarmac, for a run through Keilder Forest, where I discovered after taking this photo they were still way short of being knobbly's like I used to have.......and got stuck down in this sand pit! Amazing how the thought of a 7 mile walk in off road bike gear can generate enough strength to eventually bully the thing up the hill and onto the fire-road again!


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Run a Triumph ST955 for my 60 mile commute and an XT600 for tracks and trails. Got my youngest daughter a Rieju RS3 125 and before I knew it my wife had booked her CBT as well. I've a 500 Trifield and my hand built 650 hardtail chop, both in need of tlc but theywill need to wait for my retirement. I did my Level 2 off road qualification last Easter with Motoscotland which really improved my on/off road confidence, and can highly recommend it (although it did fill my pants at points :eek:). Even at 55 years you can still teach an old dog new tricks.


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tiger cub, suzuki250z, bsa bantam ex army stripped and rebuilt in my bedroom! cb 125 honda,350 bsa,honda 250dirt bike,250 dot dirt bike,god i still wish i had them now i could flog them and get more rifles,oh and a honda 90 the one with the back bone,

jimmy milnes

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Here's my toy Colin yamaha xt660x supermoto it's a single cylinder and I can't see bugger all out the mirrors at "70 !!" Due to vibration haha but bugger me it puts a grin on my face every day as it's my ride to work rain or shine.
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Used to also, but kids came along so put the leathers aside to hopefully squeeze back into them at a later date.
Then just when I thought I might get another bike, another kid is on its way .

Used to love the grunt from the V-twin RSV mille. DSC03267.jpg


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Used to be, but the move over here doubled my premium. Still have the hankering for another though


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Started on a Honda XL250K3, Yamaha RD250lc, Honda Xl100, Kawasaki Z650, Wife and family commitments then took priority. Then Honda VTR1000 Firestorm, Honda SP1 as in picture, sold it and regretted it but thankfully I have another one now.

Fine bike Fine view.
West Coast, Sun 3rd 009.jpg
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Suzuki GS550
Yamaha XJ600
Yamaha FJ1200A
Honda VFR750
Wish I had kept the FJ1200.
Work meant I had no time for the bike.