How many Sako 75 Stainless actions is too many...

I. Farticus

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Some swear by Remington, some by Blaser, some by Tikka etc... Some swear by .243, some by .270, some by .308 etc... Just thought I'd share what my centrefire cabinet looks like. I appreciate that it won't be to everyone's taste, but that's the joy of a democratic(ish) society :D

Top to bottom:
6.5x55mm Synthetic Stainless - stalking rig with Z6i 3-18x50 BR-I & Hardy Gen IV
I love this rifle! There are many rifles, in many calibres, but this is mine...

6.5x47mm Varmint Laminated - "in progress" range rifle which will use the Sightron SIII SS 8-32x56 LRMOA just bought on here (the 6-24x50 LRIRMOA will now go on the bottom one or get sold)
This was a .22-250 Synthetic Stainless bought from EyeFor, but barrel, mod and stock sold, and ready to be built into a 6.5x47mm range rifle with 1 in 8 twist, heavy 28" Lothar Walthar barrel. It will look like the bottom one, but with an extra 4" on the barrel.

.22-250 Varmint Laminated - TBD
Huge thanks to Ziggy for the heads-up on this. It was the action that I was after, and they are like rocking horse p**, so it will be cabinet fodder until I can afford/decide what to do with it... Probably going to rebarrel in .308 with a lightweight stock and hunter profile 21" barrel for a trip to the Highlands this year, and hopefully boar for my 50th next year.

Sako 75s.jpg

So, that's my now complete toy box that I'm very happy with. Some work still to be done, and saving hard, but pretty much done. Next I need to think about a scope for the bottom one, but plenty of time to worry about that!!

Over to you for some pics - Muir, I suspect you'll need a dozen photos just of the cabinets, let alone the contents!!!

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Pine Marten

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Looks like a well-thought out little collection. You know what you like, what works for you, what you trust and believe in, and you stick to that. It must give you a lot of pleasure to look upon your work and see that it is good...


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I've only got one Sako 75 stainless but it has become a firm favorite in the short time I've had it. If I ever manage to shoot out or ruin my Tikka 243 then I will definitely look to get a 75 in 243.


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Two of them, one action I in .223, one action III, currently on it's way back from a well known rifle smith having been re-barreled from .243 to .308. I'm wondering if it is considered a crime to have had it cerakoted black...


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A well-thought out little collection, all you need is another Sako in 9.3x62 for the big stuff :).
I have three Sako and my favorite is Sako 85 Varmint lam. in 260rem.


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They say about bikes that the ideal number is D-1, D being the number that results in divorce. Same thing probably applies to rifles.

paul o'

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Got the 75 in 6.5x47 soon to have the v8 x56 sitting on top , but gone back to the rubber stock as i dont wish to damage the bedded wood one ( too nice )
also got the 85 in 308 and is my got to rifle swaro z6i x 50 bt sitting on top
very happy with sako.
had the 22:250 that is now the 6.5x47 never enough sako's :D


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Got two 85's , one 223 varmint, other .243 hunter classic. Got an AII action to build a .308 on - although whats going to be put on it I have no idea, I'm planning on talking to Walther at the IWA this year about a barrel profile.

Anyone got any Sako Long Magnum actions lying about gathering dust? I wanna build a 300WM ... but like the man says...rocking horse poo:doh:


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Just the one sako for me, a 75 in 22-250 with swaro Z6 2.5-15x56bt on top. Had it for only 2 weeks and am already forming quite the relationship with it! This is my first ever sako and will not be my last.


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My 75 finnlight in 25 06, restocked in a McMillan varmint by Redmist, swaro 6-24, Hardy gen 4. It's a machine. Had a 75 Finnlight in 308 but this was seeing the most work, and stumbled across a Anschutz 1740 in.222 which now occupies it's space! Photo taken this week near Loch Ness.

norma 308

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Just one sako action for me iain a L61R action ! And a long action
then a remmy and two steyr actions


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75 in .308 by Mckillop with a McMillan mcswirly
75 in .223 1:8 heavy barrel, walnut
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75 varmint wood/blued 22-250 Swarovski 8x56il outstanding at foxes
75 s/s 243 Swarovski 2.5-10x56il my go to deer rifle
L61R AV 30.06 Swarovski 3-12x50 deer&boar
85 hunter wood/blued .375h&h Swarovski 1.7-10x42 z6i boar and everything else.
Bit of a trend forming here I think
the only rifle maker I would consider changing to would be Blaser I am really envious of roedinators R8 luxus
must go now got a Sako to polish