How many wild Deer on average do you shoot a Month?

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How many Deer on average do you shoot a Month?

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20+, I wish, I visit my syndicate ground once a month, since joining in November, only drawn a blank once but that was due to me not pulling the trigger as I was not happy with the shot but had her in my sights.....


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i am about even now on what i shoot a year approx 30, could change by the morning but i hav had an above average cull of my grounds with the the few extras i hav taken of it with members of this site and a couple of friends but total is about 35 so no real damage as most of the beasts being past their best


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The other half and l have shot 19 so far this year mainly roe and and a few munty's last year we accounted for 43 deer but from what l have seen recently we need to up the cull which should be possible now the other half can stalk solo.

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I'm up to 18 this year. Usually shoot around the 30+ mark but this year I've got more ground to cover so I think I will be in the region of 50-60.


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how many in a year

i personally have shot about 30 this year but my son is probably well over tho 100 mark and we missed a lot of time because of foot and mouth in england and did not go to scotland as much as for a while you could not bring deer south, and when you could you could not bring back trophies . In the next few weeks the total will go up as some of the ground is covered in miscanthus elephant grass and it will be cut there could easily be in excess of 40 in 300 acres of the stuff all muntjack may be odd roe but the land owner hates all deer so they have to go . So most friend will get one and we will have a sausage marrathon on our hands for our selves . aAs still have red roe sika muntjack cwd in freezer but sausages nearly all gone .