how much is acceptable?


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Hi folks.

A very good friend and ex gamekeeping colleague of mine has just taken on the sole running (Gamekeeping wise) of an estate in the south west of scotland. We were chatting recently regarding the roe stalking on the place, and he asked me what i thought was a reasonable fee to charge for an outing?.

We discussed NOT charging trophy fees as you only know if you've shot a 'medal' once it has been measured by a cic judge, and besides.....there is a credit crunch going on!. ;)

There will however be a small charge for boiling out, again what would be a reasonable fee?.

As i have not paid for outings in a long time, nor had to pay for a head boiling, i thought i would ask all you good people for some feedback, so we can then look into his stalking venture a wee bit deeper.

Cheers folks



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I would think between £50 to £75 and meat at carcass weight game dealer's price.

Any trophy heads, if agreed that it is such BEFORE the shot is taken, at a tariff to be agreed BEFORE the shot is taken.

BASC on their shooting in Norfolk charge £110 per outing I think. Meat at cost, no limit on number of beasts shot and NO trophy fees.

So you need to be competitive with that...perhaps.

Boiling out? Just cut the head off and present it to the rifle if he/she wants it!


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My mate boils out heads for a sporting agent at around £30 a head. It takes time, gas and the little additives like good peroxide.

Outings as above prices.

Trophy fee side of things is quite easy. If the client tips well after a good head then let them have another. If they dont, let them have a cull buck. This is of course dependant on the amount being shot, the management practice of the area and your future goals.


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I'd agree with jingzy on this.

£25-£30 for boiling out and preparing a head
£50-£60 per outing to cover time/expenses, plus carcase at dealer price

Regarding trophies, whether to charge or not is obviously a personal decision, e.g. is your friend managing the land for personal satisfaction/enjoyment or as a commercial concern. If the latter, I've seen a number of ways of charging (bear in mind these are primarily for roe/muntjac):

1. a simple charge per sex/species, e.g muntjac doe is £20, munty buck is £40, roe doe is £30, etc.
2. charge per CIC point - personally I don't like this method, as it can get very expensive unless you are very good at judging the head on the live animal. Plus, to be accurate you'd better get the head measured by a CIC accredited scorer!
3. charge per antler point - nice and easy, e.g six-point buck is £60
4. charge per point, but with a scale of charges as the length of the main beam increases - e.g. £20 for less than 10cm, £100 for 10cm to 30cm, £200 for 30cm plus
5. don't charge at all / mates rates

Just be assured that whatever price is charged, you'll immediately divide opinion between those who think it's too cheap/too expensive/just right! ;)




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Outing fee - £80

and then£80 a buck thereafter, as far as trophie prep, £20 for roe £25 for red.

I know plenty will say this is too much, however you have to pay the bills.


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Trophy heads on Roe are few and far between in SW Scotland,Yes we get good six pointers, but medal heads are usually more to the West on the Mull and round the Machars.Obviously the further away from the Gulf Stream the less likely you are to encounter one.
I believe Stairs has good roe heads but they are right on the GS with very rich arable and farmland..



I agree with griff medals down that way are not the norm and any one wanting to manage deer for clients like you mate would not shoot one for a few pounds wen his genetics could help the roe in the area.
For me its simple £60 an outing if you get a deer or not.

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enfieldspares said:
BASC on their shooting in Norfolk charge £110 per outing I think. Meat at cost, no limit on number of beasts shot and NO trophy fees.
I'm reliably informed by a few people locally, that its not worth going out on the Kings forest shoot. It surprised me as whenever I drive around or walk around that area there seems to be a ton of vension on the hoof from Muntjac right through to very Big lowland Reds?