How much say does feo have on certs being issued?


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Hi gents
a friend and I were debating the other day , I d recently had my visit from the feo regarding the grant of my certificate and I know the chief of police has to sign it off but how much influence would you think the feo has on whether they are granted or not? Seems to me like it should be a lot seeing as he does the interview and checks but my mate says he has no influence at all over the matter ??



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I think he has an input for sure.Even if it is only to the point of digging a bit deeper into someones background should they not quite seem 100% kosher.
I know the FEO who did the leg work for my tickets did ring me and tell me that all the paperwork had been done and that he was going to recommend that I was granted what I had asked for


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Thanks perdix that's what I thought , I would've thought the chief of police would've taken his recommendations in board avd drawn his conclusions from that


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AFAIK the FEO send stuff to be signed or not signed
If he says to the Chief Constable that you shouldn't have something granted then I can see no reason for that to be overuled

on the flip side, make his job easy for him and you can get most things you want sent upstairs for the rubber stamp

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It works like this:- The role of FEO (Firearms Enquiry Officer) is to do what it says on the tin. Make enquiries, gather information/facts/evidence. The FEO is the eyes and ears of the licensing authority on the ground. Having made the enquires etc. the FEO submits a report that contains recommendations as to what should be granted and those items that should not. The report should contain reasons to substantiate the recommendation. Contrary to folk law/anecdote etc., most applications are straightforward and uncontroversial.
In many police areas the Chief Officer of Police delegates his responsibility under S 55 of the Firearms Act, often to a firearms licensing manager but sometimes to another senior police office.
The manager receives the report from the FEO and may request further enquiries to be made or further information from the FEO or the applicant. When everything is to hand, it is for the manager/senior officer to decide what will be granted etc.
The role of the FEO report is an important part in the process. Where the FEO report is supported by the facts it has considerable influence on the final outcome. However the FEO is not the final decision maker. Good (competent, honest,experienced, fair minded, knowledgeable) FEOs are worth their weight in gold to the final decision maker and to the applicant.


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Put it this way, my FAC was up for renewal last year upon renewal i Applied for AOLQ the FEO would not grant it so i complained to the head of department to try and get it over ruled , She would not over rule him and have it changed ,,In which i was not suprised but i thought i would try, My FAC is in again for a Variation been there 10 weeks but thats another story,,and i have asked again for AOLQ we'll see,,
My point was i think the FEO has more say in the decision making on your conditions than he might let on

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