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How many rounds in practise do you fire per month?

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Shooting a centrefire rifle is not a cheap lark, even if you reload. I shoot a fair bit and i think my shooting and my confidence with the rifle has improved greatly. I recently helped out on a cull and took 11 animals over 2 days where my buddy took 1. He is a decent shot but has shot 35 odd rounds over the previous 3 years. i normally do that in a month.

so the question is how many do we all shoot in practise or on the range. i think this can include load developement. but must be through your stalking rifle?



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Evening Swampy.
Just posted my addition to your poll. I shoot mainly Fallow, does and bucks. Taken over 12 months probably only 1-5 per month. :( You don't state your reason for asking? My response I don't feel is indicative of a level of practice, as I can't count, and you don't include non stalking rounds. :confused: I can only head shoot, so my bullet usage is going to be less, as I will only take the 100% shot. So far so good on that score, but to achieve that means I shoot a lot with the .22.
I aggree totaly that using c.f. for practice is prohibitive, hence the use of the r.f.
Interesting poll, but for me, not a true reflection of effort put into being accurate.
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I agree with your points as well, one opinion does not negate the other. i also do a lot of .22 shooting.

it was just for interests sake for the cf usage.

I think that if you are shooting quite a number when stalking balanced by RF use then you are working hard on your own accuracy as well. I think .22rf is an excellant tool for working on accuracy and getting away from snatching the trigger or flinching.

But i feel practise and confidence born of that practise was the difference between me and my buddy over the last couple of weeks. i shoot my rifles quite a lot. "Practise doesn't make perfect....perfect practise makes perfect" (Bob Dwyer)

and the rounds i load are in nickel coated brass.... they look deadly too :lol:


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Ho yeah! :lol: I forgot about sighters. :D Ranging shots we called them in the RN. I like to put at least two warning shots across their bows. Sometimes I shout 'Halt Navy or I fire'! I can't think why I miss so many deer! :lol:


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how often do you do it.

Hi Swampy,
I am fortunate as a brother-in-law has a farm just a few miles from where I live. I have access to a safe backstop there and it is en route to my stalking ground. New batches of amunition or a change of rifle or even after firing a round that didn't quite go where it was intended can be checked immediately.
I belong to a club that holds competitions at Bisley but two daughters getting married within two years has put a strain on finances and I cannot get down there regularly now.


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how much practice a month

i am lucky as i keeper on two shoots and have access to probably another 6000 acres all within 3 miles of my home . I tend to load 200 rounds at a time for each caliber 222 243 270 308 i find once zeroed i very rarely have to make any adjustment to my zero . If i was going say to scotland for a week i would check them all before going .but other wise unless. its a fall or a knock i dont bother and after 30years have not had a problem with this method i dont say its best practice but it suits me


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From April to October I'm down the range nearly every week shooting on the running moose range. Its not hard to go through 50 round a session.
i shoot the .22 on the running roe boar range quite a lot as well
I buy Sellier & Bellot competition .308 fmj at 16p a bang.Very good and accurate practice ammo.
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