How to keep it cool and fly free

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As we are all aware during the summer months temp are so high if we were out stalking and shot a beast in the early stages of our stalking holiday how do we keep it cool? as it may be days before we return home. This has been the biggest problem of all stalkers.

I will extend to you all the benefit of my experience on how to combat this problem.

Its so simple and relativley cheap to do.

First of all you need a square plastic water header tank of approx 50 gallon capacity

A piece of exterior plywood 3" larger in each dimension to that of the top of the tank.

1 piece of 2" polysteryne that is used in the building trade for underfloor concrete installion the same size as the inside dimension of the tank

2"by 1" battens to form a frame around the top .

Put the ply flat on the floor invert the tank and pencil the shape of the tank on the ply remove the tank and 1/4" back from the line fix the battens but leaving 3" overhanging each and every edge. Whin the battens are fixed cut the sterene to fit tightly in this space which should be a friction fit as most adhesives attack sterene and should not be used. also it can taint meat.

Then cover the top with aluminium reflective foil this also can be bought from builders merchants.

Dig a hole in an area in proximity to a stream but not to close as water will perculate in to the hole and the tank will float up if water is a problem the tank can be weighted down by placing stone or concrete in the bottom of the tank.

I try to site mine in a deep furrow area under the shelter of the trees which mask out direct sunlight.

Now matter how hot the air temp is ground Temp rarely exceed 7degrees or less in the most warmest conditions . The internal temp of the ground fridge remains at this figure as long as the reflective lid is kept on

I have found that a50 gal tank will hold 4 Roe deer quite easily. and as the carcass is protected with the lid neither do I have problems with blow fly.

Hope this helps fellow stalkers
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Good idea.

Heres one I use:

Take some old cotton, poly/cotton (Or muslin) bedlinen and make a suitable sack too slip over the beast. (I make fly nets this way, they are cheap and disposable if need be) Now soak the cloth in water and them slip over the hanging beast and secure it.

The air flow cools the damp cloth and in turn keeps the area inside the cloth cool and the flies off. Try and ensure the beast is hung in a shaded area.

This is a short term solution but is handy.


We use a couple of big ridged transportation crates and dry ice. One of my contacts works at a place that uses it so I get it for free.:lol:

But you can buy it from these people and they will deliver.
PSE Composites Limited