How to keep scopes and binoculars dry in Scotland

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Heym SR20

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Any suggestions short of going out to Africa na donly hunting in dry weather.

I use scope covers etc, but still find that if it is at all damp things very quickly get misted up.

Do the Leupold Alumin Raincoat Kits work to keep water droplets off the lense??

Heym SR20


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Given that you have a scope cover, keep the lenses covered in humid conditions and only open the covers shortly before shooting - the only option left revolves around some form of 'antifog' gel being applied to the lenses..... that and NOT exhaling deeply prior to shooting! :oops:

My scope remains sealed up until a shot is due - all glassing being done with the binos.


Those have a leather flap which covers the ocular lenses and avoids a build up of mist, rain or snow before use. It conveniently drops out of the way when the bino's are raised to your eyes. I also use Butler creek covers on the objective lenses. These provide protection and allow the glasses to be used as a rest for prone shooting - saves carrying a bipod! Finally, all lenses are coated in 'antifog.

Still not perfect - but getting better!

Good luck

Rgds Ian :)


ooh, you look happy with that Jap ! and quite right too

never had a problem with butler creeks on scopes however the eyepiece lenses on my Swavoskis are another matter even with supplied cover i seem to steam them up with body heat stalking in cold weather.


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Nice stag mind me asking where about you got it.

tucking your binos into your jacket when going to crawl is the worst and I dont know a way round that, even with those chest rig/straps they still catch on stuff.

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