How to start deer stalking??


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I have been shooting shotguns since i was about 10 and i am now 17 and i want to try something a bit new.I have shot fullbore rifles at a rifle club on its open days but im more intrested in stalking deer than just shooting at targets. bu
I would like to take up deer stalking and get my own rifle, but i understand you need to prove what you want a rifle for in order to get a FAC.If i took the deer stalking cert 1 course and succesfully completed it, would i be granted a FAC for the reason of deer stalking and would that prove i wanted a rifle to deer stalk?

I hold a shotgun cert if that makes any difference.

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Have you ever been deer stalking?
I suggest you go out with someone before you go down this road any further.
It is a great pastime, but not for everybody.
As far as i am aware you will need to demonstrate good reason,and have written permission from the landowner to control the deer.
It is possible the local police firearms department will actually inspect the land, and when a certificate is granted you might find you are limited to shoot only on that land until they grant you an 'open' certificate.
Getting the Level 1 is a very good idea, but i don't think you will get a certificate without the land to shoot over.
I suggest you talk to your local firearms department, they are usually very friendly and helpful.
But i warn you,this pastime is very,very addictive!
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Thanks.I like addictive sports, i cant stop thinking about shooting.
Im intrested in paying to go on estates and shoot deer.You know £200 for 3 cull amimals ect.

I cant really go shooting with anyone becasue no one in my family does it, but if i had the deers stalking cert and i said i would pay to go stalking, would that be good engouth evidence?

Im intrested in small deer such as muntjac or water deer.

Thanks for your help :)
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