How will you spend the Festive Season


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Nowt to do with stalking, this thread just a lighthearted look at what members are up to over the Festive Season!

I have a couple of stalks lined up prior , then I am going to chill out .!

Nosebag this year for my wife and, I is pan fried partridge with a Diane sauce and all the bits n bobs ! :) Some fine port and smelly cheeses, Got my daughter and partner grand kids day after boxing day for a traditional slap up!.

Pride of place will be a stuffed haunch of Roe doe, and a crown of cutlets. Followed by some nice wine and a good snooze.Then a damn good muck about with my boys toys and accessories.
Merry Grinchmas.


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My christmas will be spent visiting my mum in Spain with our now 'traditional' game of golf (I WILL wear shorts even if it isn't quite warm enough) on Christmas day, including smoked salmon sarnies and a bottle of bubbly after the 9th to make the back 9 more interesting!



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I've got my mom coming over from South Africa to spend the festive season with us.

Got my Copas turkey on order, the bubbly in the fridge and the red wine in the cupboard.

The food and booze is sorted but i suppose i should get a few presents for the wife and mum or i'll be in the dog house....



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We have Sheilas relatives coming over from Canada but i`m not a christmasy person, never have been.
My mum`s in hospital having just come off the critical list last week so in my heart of hearts my mind is else where. Mum will be in for at least the next eight weeks. Not what i call ideal.


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Wishing your mum a speedy recovery! I'm sure the rest of the forum will be doing the same.



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As ever I have planned a quiet Xmas with plenty of opportunity to get out and get some sport. As ever I am sure I will get no sport at all as the incessant stream of relatives land or expect us to visit. Sure to end up back at work in New Year disgruntled at all of my spoiled plans :(

Never mind it always focuses the mind for January.

Merry Xmas all, and good shooting.

mole trapper

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Normally for me it would involve manic racing around the countryside getting as many traps as poss in the ground up till x mas eve, then one day off and then back to the trapping. However this year the work has all but dried up, bummer !, Iwill just have to go out and play. :D
Taking the fpo out stalking boxing day morning, back for smoked salmon in hot crusty rolls, then out with the scatter gun for some walked up pigeon, woodcock, pheasant etc and back for well hung rib beef and all the trimmings and a bottle of bubbly. After that it will be a week of trying for a cod from the shore, some ferreting, probably some more stalking.
Now you watch, the damned phone wont stop ringing between now and new year !!!. :lol:


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Down see Mother for a few days over Christmas knocked over a young doe yesterday so no damn turkey hurray. Might do a bit of beach fishing if the weather is kind or maybe some rabbits. Anybody in the Cornwall area any shooting lined up?



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by the looks of it making roe sacks for friends while eating lots of chocolate .will keep me away from the old man,so arguments.
season greetings to all


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I will spend Christmas Eve over with Helena. Back home Christmas day. The freezer is loaded with roe , moose and pheasant so i won't starve. If there is not to much snow i will hunt roe with the taxen and hunt the spaniel for a pheasant or two. Done so much hunting lately that training the Kopov in tracking has taken a bit of a back seat so must do a bit of that.
And due to the lack of work my work place is closed from the 23rd dec till 7th Jan :D so plenty of time for hunting.
God Jul och Gott Nytt År


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I'll be shooting (3 days), stalking (whenever else I can) and also starting to try some custom knife making.

Oh, and I guess I'll be seeing the in-laws as well.....



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I 'll be working on an oil rig offshore Norway until Boxing day. Should be back home on the 27th for three weeks of merriment. So into the New Year I will no doubt be doing a fair bit of wildfowling along with a few days walk/ stand game shooting. Hopefully a trip north of the border for a doe or two if the weather is suitable


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Sounds like a good pay-day Mudman!

We'll be taking the long long journey south to the family. Hopefully find a bit of shooting while I'm down there. Then back to Skye on the 29th to walk off all that goose and stilton at the hinds.

Have a good one chaps!


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i'm taking the Memsahib down to burnham to see the grandkids
1st time we have spent the holiday with them so grandpops has his red
coat ready.
Basil love to your mum hope all is well


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Hi all,
Dec. 19th and 20th Beating. 22nd into work. 23rd- Last minute pressent for Mrs techman and roe stalk if time. 24th Roe stalk.
Christmas day is Busy. All kids to meet at ours for 10:00, then off to visit Mum and the rest of my family. Get to hotel for Christmas dinner with the kids, husbands and friends. Then all back to our house, lots of sloe and other alcohol.
Boxing Day, Midday meet all my family again at designated pub, then off to catch up with our kids on their pub crawl and back to son and girlfriends house for food and fall about.
27th. Over to eldest daughters inlaws for food and drinks and possibly stay the night.
28th. All family to our house for Rib of beef ( MT I'm with you on that one) and more falling down water.
29th and 30th. another look for roe if pre Christmas was not successful.
Youngest daughters inlaws visiting and staying overnight (quite alcoholic)
31st. Meet friends in village pub for NY eve celebrations.
1st. Traditional 'Bacon Roll' party at friends (usually very alcoholic but hopefully over by 16:00).
2nd, 3rd and 4th Recover.
Not too heavy a schedule this year so if anyone feels up to it. PM me to come along. HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL.

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We have a 'first' in our house this year. Our eldest lad is bringing his girlfriend home for Xmas. She has never had venison, so Xmas Eve, she's sitting down to a hunter's banquet with the main event being roast saddle of Roe with all the trimmings, as an intro to the way we like to live life to the full! Hope she likes it!

After that it's full traditional family turkey dinner on 25th, with suitable quantities of alcohol, which usually lasts from circa midday to circa 4pm, followed by a good snooze!

27th, it's off to the Yorkshire dales for a few days in a guest house, doing a perhaps a bit of walking, plenty of drinking and eating in a small village pub that we just love up there, then home and hopefully a few opportunities to get out with the guns (hopefully a chance to have a play with my latest acquisition - a new 12b).

New Years Eve - roast mallard with all the trimmings, some friends possibly coming round for an evening of good food and music.

As you may gather, in our house we really do make the Xmas season a feast!

All the best to all members for the season, and wishing you all good shooting for '09.



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i should finish work about 4ish xmas eve, go home and hav a good drink, i shall deserve one by then :lol:
xmas day booked into a local pub for dinner, the family is doing something different for a change
boxing day stalking then a little walk about with the shottie, followed by an evening stalk
well basicaly stalking or shooting every day of some sorts all the way through to feb 1st, then back to work :evil:
unless plans change ;)

JJ hav a good time down in burnham, not so sure on the santa suit it must be getting on a bit by now :lol: :lol:
and a little strecthed around the mid drift :evil: :evil:


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Stone you lucky bugger, shooting for nearly 2 months solid :D

Only got a few days off will try and get out but I think somebody else has other plans.

Happy Christmas to everybody

May your hunting wishes come true in 2009, mine have so for in 2008 thanks to guys on here.