How would you react if you came across one of these whilst stalking in scotland


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I would certainly Have to "GUN IT DOWN"..... Sheesh, don't these rag writers understand the need to take the right moves with dangerous quarry that are in close proximity to human habitation?

Eddie P

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If I was in polar bear country I'd have my 375 with me. I'd try to scare it off, but if felt threatened I'd give it the "good news" then reload as quick as poss and reasses.


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I'd shoot it without hesitation, then have to ask for my name and picture to be with held from the newspaper article. Unfortunately the antis would be hunting you down after shooting such a cuddly animal.
I'd happily accept the "experienced marksman" descriptor - I'm sure my mates would debate that one and they wouldn't believe me anyway. :rofl:

The Scandanavians are much more in contact with the land and nature and can understand the necessity of such control. Sadly this passed into history a long time ago in the UK.


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It would be like typical sods law, out with the .22 shooting rabbits and spotting that at the same time my terrier spots it an thinks I fancy my chances!:doh: